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Dog's Best Friend: We Speak Pet-Friendly At The Canary Santa Barbara

With a name like the Canary, it's probably obvious we wear our puppy love on our sleeves. So yes, we're pet people like you. Wagging tails, big brown eyes. Simply irresistible. Just know we have a place for your pooch here, and don't worry, there won't be any size restrictions or extra charges either. You'll also find Santa Barbara just as pet-friendly as us, with walking trails, beach boardwalks and area parks perfect for exploring together.

To keep your pet happy and healthy while traveling, we offer some very fetching pet amenities:

  • Food and water bowls and a dog bed placed in your room for use during your stay
  • Plastic pick-up bags and map for great Santa Barbara walks
  • Pet exercise area within walking distance of our downtown hotel
  • Pet-sitting, grooming and walking services can be arranged through our concierge
  • List of nearby veterinarians upon request

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Favorite Pet-Friendly Places:
Santa Barbara is so pet friendly. There are many restaurants with patios. Hendry's Beach is a great place to go play in the water and run in the sand. For a special treat get your best friend some toys at Lemo's or new bath wash at Grapeseed. The Courthouse's sunken garden is always a great place to run around in the middle of the day.